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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Mariners Grand Slam Camps?

A :The Mariners Grand Slam Camps arereal baseball and softball camps. You can count on top quality and personal instruction while having a blast. After all, it is a game and should be fun - lots of fun!

     Compare us to other camps. You will find that unlike other camps, we are a unique blend of high quality coaching of all skill levels.  We provide a staff that loves the game, knows the game and loves working with kids. Some camps out there take things too seriously, they just don't have any fun. We do! Our unique, balanced approach has been working for us since 1993 and ensures a great experience for all. 

     Our focus has been on providing a well-planned camp experience that is like no other and  is coordinated and coached by teachers and college ball players who have played high-level baseball and softball.   Each camp session is well organized, efficient, built upon sound educational principals; using Positive Coaching Alliance methods and is always spiced with our total love for the game.  

     The Seattle Mariners, while a major league club pursuing the highest level of achievement on the field, understand they also function as a key member of the community. As such our camp plans to continue inspiring young campers to be ballplayers through our commitment to encouraging the positive culture of the sport; namely hustle, sportsmanship, looking sharp, respect, class, history and enthusiasm.  We are confident that MarinersGrand Slam Camp is second to none!

Q: Travel Ball Player or All-Star?  This camp is for you too!

A: Nearly half our participants last year were players on travel ball teams or were part of their league’s All-Stars.  We fully recognize that players with upcoming weekend tournaments may want to rest their arms and will respect those wishes.  Know that our instructors are experts in the game who have played at a high level and can stretch the skill development of all levels of players.  We address not just physical skills but proper mental approach.  We teach all players in a manner that improves their game.    

Q: How much does it cost for camp? 

A: $135 for the Complete Camp and the Skills Camp.  $ 260 for the Complete & Skills Camp Bundle ***A $10 convenience fee is added to all online orders.

We offer several potential discounts:

***Returning campers receive $5 discount per camp session.

***The price of signing up for the Complete & Skills Camp Bundle reflects a $10  discount  ($260)  from the cost of both camps combined. The bundle    also includes  supervision each day during the one hour lunch break between sessions at no additional cost.

***Ifsiblings attend the same camp and location, $5 is subtracted for each camper *

***Military Family?, another $5 discount.

Yes you can use all these discounts and they are done automatically when you fill out the application form online (Click Here).

Q: What should camper wear to camp?

A:  We ask that the campers dress for camp as they would for practice. Some examples include: tee shirt/sweatshirt, baseball pants or sweats, athletic shoes or cleats (no sandals/flip flops), athletic cup, team uniform or practice gear are also worn by many campers. If the weather is very hot some campers will wear shorts on those days. Make sure to bring a jacket for cool or rainy days.  Please have campers name is marked on jackets etc.

Q: What should camper bring with them to camp?

A:  -All campers please bring snack and plenty to drink (we break for snacks at 11:15 in the AM and 3:00 in the PM)
      -Bring lunch too if you are attending the all-day Complete AND Skills camp BUNDLE .
      -Baseball/Softball glove
      -Bat to Skills camps (if you have a bat, you may bring to the complete camp too)

      - For Catchers camp we do have gear but you may bring your own if you like.
      -Any other ball gear of your own you would like to use like helmets, etc.


      -Make sure campers name is clearly marked on all gear!

Q: Do you have an Inclement Weather Policy?

A: Regardless of weather, camp will never be canceled, even if we encounter rain.  We have rain-specific activities that continue to enhance the learning and fun. Rainy days happen here in the Northwest, but are typically light and pleasant.  Let’s play ball!

Q: Is space still available for the camp I want to attend and should I send my check? 

A: Visit the Camp Dates/Locations page of this site and it will show the current availability of camp by location.

Q: My daughter loves baseball, does she have to attend the softball camp?

A: She may choose either the baseball or softball camp. Both are great. As she gets older she will naturally transition into fastpitch softball which is now highly competitive and very fun. UW Husky pitching coach, Lance Glasoe, designed the curriculum for our softball camp. Your daughter will receive excellent instruction in a high energy, fun, instructional atmosphere. If she can't attend a softball camp, many girls have attended our baseball camps and loved it! The base skills are the same except for pitching. Given our camps are coordinated by certified teachers, you can be assured that your daughter will feel comfortable and have a great time. Some girls have signed up with a friend to make them feel more comfortable.

Q: Do you provide Scholarships? 

A: No. Unfortunately we are unable to offer scholarships. 


Q: Can I reserve a spot via phone or email? 

A: No. All openings are secured on a first come, first served basis. A completed application and full payment must be received either via our online checkout using credit card or by printing completed application and sending with check or money order. 


Q: How do we get signed up? 

A : Simple. Just go to sign-up or check-out on this website and choose to pay online (via secured credit card system ) or  print, fill out and send in application with check or money order.Online Sign- Up Click Here


Q: What kind of staff do you assemble? 

A : Each of our staff members must meet at least one of the following criterion;

  1. Played professional or college ball.
  2. Coached at the high school level. Additionally, at least one certified teacher is on each staff as the coordinator to ensure safety, fair play and proper structure. Our staff is listed for your review on ourstaff page. 


Q: My child wants to attend both the Complete and Baseball Skills camp. Is this OK? 

A : Yes. In fact, this is quite common. The two camps are quite different in structure. We have our Complete and Baseball Skills Camp Bundle for those campers.


Q: My child is attending both camps. Is there supervision provided from 12:30-1:30

A : Yes. Direct supervision and activities are provided at no additional cost for this extra hour each day. 

Q: Your Baseball and Softball Complete camp is for kids aged 7-12. My child is only 6. Can he/she attend too?

A : We are hesitant because inexperienced campers find it to be too overwhelming . If  your six year old has experience playing then it should work out just fine and those with experience have handled it quite well in the past.  But please keep in mind that it is a long session for some and can sometimes be very warm or cold. In the end, the discretion is yours.


Q: Your Baseball and Softball Skills camp is for kids aged 9-14. My child is only 8. Can he/she attend too?

A : We are hesitant because the skills camp is technique oriented. Some 8-year olds have handled it quite well. We have had 8-year olds attend both camps as well. But please keep in mind that it is a long day and can sometimes be very warm or cold. In the end, the discretion is yours.


Q: I see there's quite an age range. Are the kids grouped together or are they separated?

A : Kids are predominantly grouped by skill and age. Common sense and the expertise of our coaches lend itself to appropriate grouping of the kids. Safety and the ability to learn while having fun are the guidelines. Our coaches are very attentive on the first day of camp to appropriate grouping of the campers. 


Q: Can I get a receipt? 

A : Please use your canceled check, credit card notice and/or printed confirmation email as your receipt. 


Q: I registered online.  Did I get in?

A: Online Applications will receive email receipt/confirmation within a very short time.  Make sure to check your inbox,  junk box etc.


Q: What should we bring to camp

A: Dress athletically, ready to play ball! Be prepared for any weather. Bring your glove, cap, a snack (or full lunch if you're with us all day), plenty of water and sunscreen. You may bring your bat, helmet and other gear too. With anything of value, be sure your name is clearly marked. For catcher camp, we do provide catcher's gear, but you may bring your own. 


Q: Camp starts next week. Is it too late to get in and what do I do?

A: Check our Locations/Dates pages for availability. If it says "still open" there is indeed space for your players and you can still sign up.  If it is Friday, Saturday or Sunday and camp is full, to get on a wait/cancel list you need to:

 Call, Text or Voicemail  us at 360-802-2232 and leave the following information (be sure to speak clearly and deliberatelyif leaving voice mail)

  • Location of the camp (Seattle, Tacoma, Poulsbo, etc.)
  • Camp attending (Complete and/or Pitcher/Hitting,
  • Catcher/Hitting, Infield/Hitting)
  • Name of camper(s). Be sure to spell first and last name.
  • Age of camper(s)

We will get back to you with more information about getting your camper into camp.

Q: Do you offer a military discount?

A: Yes! If you have a family member who is active or retired in the military or defense department.  Each family member receives $5 off application fee and this can be used with other discounts (sibling & returner).  Find this and other discounts in theonline sign- up